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Welcome to Batitan Team.

Batitan is one of  10 years professional Electronic Gadgets manufacturer in Shenzhen, China

Earphones, Also called Headphones, Head-sets, Earpieces. From 2001, we begin to sell them, then we make our own brand: Ideal---Enjoy sound, Enjoy life.

Usb Flash Drive, also called usb sticks, pen drive, memory usb.  From 2004, we produce custom brand usb. Offer usb flash drive with customer's logo, data and package in  promotional market. In 2010, we own ourself design group for PVC model. Fast shipping, competitve price, and instant service.

Power Bank, also called portable battery. From year 2012, More people use smart phone. Power bank become more and more important. so One more is our another brand.

From establishment, we always focus our attention on Quality and Customer service. so we have an superb reputation in our business. Our experienced team is our one of important strengths.

Our business philosophy is Honesty - to offer a reliable and professional service to our customer, if you need any help for your promotion business, you can contact us - we are glad to help you.

Batitan-------be silmple, Happy, Innovatitve Titan

Yours truly, 

Batitan Team

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